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Welcome to the Nursing Nook!

The Nursing Nook was created by Jennifer Stires to help meet the needs of new parents in Montana, particularly in the area of breastfeeding. Jennifer and her husband Scott have three young daughters and through their own parenting experiences they have realized the importance of having accurate advice, support, and encouragement from other parents and professionals. The Nursing Nook strives to educate people about breastfeeding and hopes to see a positive change in our culture. A culture where parents make informed decisions and they are embraced and supported for the decisions they have made. Times are different now and more mothers work out of their homes and away from their babies than ever before. Some mothers return to full-time jobs shortly after delivering their babies. Extended families live more miles apart than ever before. There are simply more demands, less time, more expenses, and less accessible support for parents. The Nursing Nook hopes to provide all parents with a comfortable setting where they can ask questions and be given professional advice from another parent.

Jennifer is a Registered Nurse, BSN and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). She is passionate about helping mothers and babies breastfeed comfortably and enjoyably. She is realistic because she has been there. She realizes that at times balancing parenthood with all other responsibilites can be overwhelming. While the Nursing Nook is a place where parents feel comfortable asking questions about breastfeeding and breastfeeding supplies, the most important aspect of the Nursing Nook is that parents will relate to another parent. They will feel at ease, hopefully sit down in a comfy chair and chat for a while. Jennifer expects and welcomes the many questions new parents have regarding their infant's care.

The Nursing Nook provides many services and products. You may schedule a private lactation consultation or simply walk-in during normal business hours and request a consultation. Consultations can also be scheduled in thebreast feeding supplies missoula comfort of your own home. The Nursing Nook offers Breastfeeding Education classes for parents and health care professionals. CPR and First Aid classes are taught on a monthly basis at the Nursing Nook. Some of the products sold at the Nursing Nook are Medela Breastpumps, Breastpump accessories and specialty feeding devices, nursing bras and apparel which will be properly fitted to ensure the right size is purchased, locally made nursing covers, glass and BPA free bottles, Adiri Natural Nursing Bottles, Motherlove Herbal products to enhance milk supply or treat common breastfeeding problems. Medela Hospital-grade Breastpumps can also be rented from the Nursing Nook. Parents can visit the Nursing Nook to weigh their infant for free.  Appointments are not necessary. The baby scale is free to use during normal business hours. The Nursing Nook is truly a “One Stop Breastfeeding Shop and Support Center.” We do hope you will visit today! You will find more information about services and products throughout our website. Enjoy and Thanks for visiting!

Happy Parenting,

Jennifer and Scott Stires