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CPR, First Aid, AED & BLS Classes   ASHI CPR Training Center
It is recommended that all parents, caregivers, and those in close contact with infants and children take a CPR and First Aid course. We think of CPR and First Aid as parental insurance. After taking a CPR class people feel more confident and reassured that in the event of an emergency they will know how to react. The Nursing Nook is a Proud Provider of ASHI First Aid, CPR and AED Training.

Classes are offered monthly, please check the calandar
 for scheduled classes and fees. If you do not see the class you need give us a call. If you have a group in need of CPR, give us a call, we can teach at your location. At the Nursing Nook we make CPR and First Aid a priority and we hope you will too. Sign up today!

Here is what some participants have said about CPR classes at the Nursing Nook...

This was the 6th time I have taken a CPR certification class, but the 1st time I feel truly prepared to help in an emergency. I think Scott's hand on approach versus focusing on the written test really helped me. Also, Scott was a laid-back guy who has a wealth of knowledge to share. Great class taught by a great instructor!

He was an awesome teacher and definatly knew what he was talking about. He has a good sense of humor that lightens the stress when you have to blow up dolls for cpr.

This was a great class. Not pressured very relaxed and had time to do CPR and first aid. Scott was a great instructor and made the class very interesting and answered all questions when asked. Would take his courses at any time in the future.

Scott was able to give real life examples that made me feel prepared for my student teaching next semester. I am so thankful to have had him as my instructor and I will be back to get re-certified in two years! Plus, you can't beat the price of the course! It was fun, affordable, and the instructor was very knowledgeable!

Preparation for Successful Breastfeeding
This class is designed to give new parents accurate knowledge about breastfeeding and boost confidence in their ability to breastfeed successfully!
This class is offered privately or as a group. Cost is $35 for a 1 hour class. Expectant parents will learn the benefits of
breastfeeding, breast feeding accessoriesthe biological process of breastfeeding, proper breastfeeding positions, how to prevent and treat common problems, bottle-feeding tips, and how dads and grandparents can help with breastfeeding.

Parents will view different breast pumps, nursing bras, and other nursing necessities. This is a great opportunity to become familiar with the tools of the trade which will decrease anxiety before beginning this new experience. This also makes such a nice gift for new parents. The quote I hear most often from new parents is;
“I wish someone would have emphasized the importance of taking a breastfeeding class while I was pregnant. The emphasis is on labor and delivery, then when that’s over you’re on your own trying to figure things out.” 

Grandparents are also welcome. Research has shown that having grandparents that are supportive of breastfeeding greatly increases the length of time a mom will breastfeed her infant. Times have changed, research and science have progressed, and infant care recommendations have changed! Sign up to learn the latest!
Doula Breastfeeding Education
This is a 3 hour class designed to provide doulas, childbirth educators, and other health care professionals with accurate knowledge and practical tips to assist women and babies with their breastfeeding experience. The goal of this class is to help providers understand the biological process of breastfeeding as well as newborn development in relation to breastfeeding. Providers will learn practical positioning tips and will be able to assist women and babies when they experience breastfeeding difficulty. Providers should leave class feeling more competent in their breastfeeding skills. All providers should be prepared for breastfeeding challenges as they occur more often than not. Fee for this class is $50, includes a certificate of continuing education and can be used towards DONA and CLC certification.
Special Groups and Events

breast feedingThe Missoula Breastfeeding Coalition
Supports, promotes, and protects breastfeeding for everyone in our community.
 The Missoula Breastfeeding Coalition meets every second Monday of the month at noon at the Missoula City-County Health Department, room 210. Everyone is welcome. Children always welcome. If you are interested in joining a group that is passionate about supporting, promoting, and protecting breastfeeding in Missoula call 721-5440. To learn more go to

Missoula Baby Bistro Breastfeeding Support Group
Free support group for breastfeeding moms and babies. Meets every Wednesday from 11-12:30 at Zootown Brew 121 W. Broadway. For more info visit the group on facebook: